Art Sourcing

Finding the perfect art piece for your project or brand.

Iconix Artists & Photographers

Our curatorial team works hand-in-hand with a diverse collection of international artists.  Collaborators include both emerging and established gallery & museum level creators.  Their styles range from the current generation of grafitti and street art through classic art forms such as abstract and figurative work, plus pop culture images from the world of film, fashion, music and more.

Image Archives

We’ve also signed exclusive publishing contracts with a select group of the country’s most interesting private art and photography archives.  And we have established relationships with the large commercial archives; as well as a handful of museum collections.  

Commissions & Licensing

If the images from our catalogues don’t quite fit your project,  we can commission custom pieces to match your vision or brand personality.  Applications include large scale wall murals, custom paintings or photography shoots, and the design and development of consumer products.